Boogerwoods Review
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Attraction Cost/
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The website had great directions to get us to Boogerwoods.
There was adequate parking and the appearance of the
entrance to Boogerwoods was visible from the roadside.
There was a parking crew  to direct traffic upon entering
and exiting.
The Haunted Attraction lasted around 40 minutes. The wait
time was around an hour for most of the people we spoke
with, the night we were there. Refreshments and food was
available. There was also a movie playing as you waited in
the cue line.
The cost for Boogerwoods is a $15 / Donation. With all of the
proceeds going to Cystic Fibrosis. Visit their website for more
details, and ticket availability. There is a number of tickets
available per night. The scare rating for BoogerWoods was  
9 out of 10 frights. The Haunted Attraction mixed frights with
fun to perfection. It is well worth the trip to visit this Featured
Boogerwoods was a Haunted Attraction that was filled with
unique scenes, that had you screaming and laughing. The
entertainment value of this Attraction was outstanding. There
is no doubt that the 30 years of hard work through the years
shows in this one of a kind event. The owners and staff were
very kind to us. We talked to several of the people in line,
and they said they come out year after year. It was also nice
to know that all of the proceeds go toward a very deserving

Until visiting this Haunted Attraction, I was never a fan of tour
guides. But let me tell you first hand that the guides make
this haunt great! The way they interact with everyone was
amazing. It didn't matter if you was in the front of your group,
or at the end, the experience was just the same. Our guides
were named the Crocodile Hunter and Super Dave, awesome
job guys.

There were over 100 volunteers that worked this event, to
make it all come together, please let them know they did an
incredible job. I would highly recommend a visit to Rockwell,
NC to visit Boogerwoods. For More information on this
Featured Attraction click on the link below to visit their